Events and Refunds

Showing Up to the Event and Getting In

What you need to bring:

  • Your Mobile Device with Your Mobile Passes in Your App
    • Passes will be under “My Passes” in Your Pit Pay App
  • Photo I.D. (in some cases)
  • Membership Cards / Licenses (in some cases)
    • This is typically noted on the pass when you’re purchasing
      • Ie. WKA Member Card, NASCAR License, etc.

No Service / Trouble Accessing the App

If you don’t have internet connectivity, you won’t be able to buy a pass or sign a waiver, but you will be able to access your passes.

If for some reason you cannot access your pass, don’t worry! Your name is on a list at the track so you will be able to get in if you provide a photo ID to the attendant.

Didn’t Sign My Waiver in Advance

Your pass will have the orange bar across the blurred out QR code if the waiver has not been signed yet for the pass.

  • If it’s a pass someone purchased for you, simply tap the orange bar to sign the waiver.
  • If it’s a minor pass, tap the orange bar to see which links still need to be signed. You can resend the links via text if needed.

If you don’t have enough service / cell signal to sign your waiver on-site, show your pass or emailed receipt as proof of purchase (your name is also on a list at the track), and Sign a Paper Waiver on-site.

Check-In Location

You can typically find this information in the FAQ section for the track or event you’re attending, but if not, go where you normally would for pit access and look for Kart Pass Priority Line signage. With Kart Pass, you can skip the regular line.

If you arrive late and the sign-in window is closed, try entering the front gate with your pass and contact the event promoter if you have any trouble getting late access.