Registering for an Event / Event Entries

Editing My Registration

If you get something wrong when you’re filling out your registration form, you can easily make edits to the form.

How to Edit a Registration

From the Kart Pass App Menu:

  • Go to “My Passes”
  • Find the registration that you need to edit
  • Tap the pencil icon next to “Edit Registration”
  • Make your changes and save them

Once you’ve saved your edits to the registration form, you and the event registrar will receive an email with your updated form. Your registration data will be updated in the Kart Pass system.

Purchased the Wrong Registration

If you purchased the wrong type of registration, let the event promoter know what happened. They will either be able to make adjustments on their end or get in touch with us so we can determine a solution together.

Included in Your Registration

Other items that may be included in your registration are typically found in the Event FAQs in the app, or on the registration form. If you have any questions about what is included in your registration, please contact the Event Promoter. You can typically find this information in the track, series or event FAQs.

Whether or not you need to buy a pit pass in the app is determined by the event promoter, but typically you will need to purchase pit passes in the app.

* Pit Passes are NEVER included in your Registration. These must always be purchased separately so that you can sign the Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement. *

Registration Questions

Please contact the Event Promoter with any questions about your registration. You can typically find this information in the track, series or event FAQs.