Events and Refunds

Refund Requests

Requesting a Refund

Pit Passes are Typically Non-Refundable, but You can Contact the Event Promoter for Refund Requests.

The event promoter can issue a refund and must approve all refund requests. You can typically find contact information for the event promoter on the track or event FAQs in the app.

Mistakes During the Purchase Process

If you made a mistake during the purchase process (bought a pass for the wrong person, bought the wrong type of pass, etc.), you can submit a Support Request to the Kart Pass Team or contact the Event Promoter and we can try to help get your purchases resolved.

Refund Policy

Kart Pass’ Refund Policy can be found here:

In summary, Kart Pass’ Refund Policy is that Pit Passes are typically non-refundable, but the Refund Policy is set by the Event Promoter.

If you are granted a refund by the Event Promoter, the refund will be for the Pass Price, but the Transaction Fees are Non-Refundable. Credit card processors collect their fees at time of purchase, and there is no way to recover those.