Events and Refunds

Preparing to Attend an Event

Tips for Success:

  • Buy Your Pit Pass Before You Head to the Track
  • Make sure the Waivers are Signed on Your Pass Before You Arrive
    • This is particularly important for Minor Pit Passes that Require Multiple Signatures
  • If You’re Registering for an Event, Pay Attention to the Registration Deadline
    • The deadline and any registration extensions granted are determined by the event promoter, not Kart Pass.

For Minors:

  • If you’re buying passes for minors, make sure you allow enough time for both parents and the minor to sign the required documents via links that will be sent via email and text after you purchase the minor’s pit pass.
    • Have all parties ready to sign the waiver
  • If you’re unfamiliar with the process, we recommend buying minor pit passes at least 1 day in advance.